Wallet Ninja: Can Opener, Mobile stand, All-in-one toolkit

Can Opener wallet Ninja
standard bottle opener
wallet ninja bottle opener
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An eye-glass screw-driver, a can opener, a box cutter, a peeler, a cell-phone stand, and the list will continue until you reach the number 18. Too many things and too little space to carry them?

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Well, as promised today we bring you a tiny wonder of the size of your pocket –


Wallet Ninja

Image source: Amazon
multipurpose tool to fit in wallet
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The 18 in 1 multipurpose tool to fit in the wallet is designed to solve your problems in minutes. You just need to get your hands to your pockets only.


The 18 in 1: Can Opener, Mobile phone Stand...

Let’s get into details of what this 18 in 1 actually is:

  • 4 Screwdrivers of different purposes.
  • 8 useful daily purpose tools (bottle, letter opener, box cutter, mobile phone stand, etc.)
  • 2 types of rulers.
  • 6 types of Hex.
Cell phone stand
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Screw driver for eye glasses
Image source: Amazon

Wallet gadgets to carry in flights

Wallet Ninja comes in black color with a month of warranty and it’s a toolkit to carry in flights too. So, no more worries!

Where to buy this multipurpose tool?

Own this one of the phenomenal wallet gadgets on Amazon for just Rs.130/- by clicking on this link: 

Wallet Ninja

Stay tuned to know what’s next in our bag.

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