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Bliss Thermal plastic water tank cover

Bliss Thermal plastic water tank cover

Welcome to Buy2simplify. Today we bring you “Bliss Thermal Jacket for Roof tanks” for maintaining the temperature of the water tank on roof during summers and winters.

hot and cold shower adverse effects
Studies show that hot showers can make certain skin conditions worse. Taking hot showers makes it easier for the skin to dry out and results in high blood pressure.
Exposure to cold waters in winters causes your blood vessels to restrict and also

affects blood pressure.

According to the reports, in 2020 India recorded a maximum temperature of 50.6 Celsius in summers and settled at -9.5 degrees Celsius in winters.

Rising temperature in summers
Roof water tank cover
Image Source: Amazon

Therefore we bring you the remedy of dry skin caused due to usage of hot water and a solution on how to get normal water from roof tank-“Bliss thermal Jacket”.

Considering the Indian Climatic conditions it was designed on the basis of the problem ‘how to get normal water from roof tanks in hot summers and cold winters.’

When to use:

It can be used throughout the year.

Maintain water temperature at normal in summers
Summers – Protect your skin from the hot water of the tank with the help of the roof tank cover. You can protect  You don’t need to

store water under the roof to cool down also you can save time and energy.

Winters – The water tank insulation jacket helps to save electricity in Geysers during winters.


use of roof tank cover in winter season
Thermal jacket use in monsoon

Monsoon– The plastic water tank cover can be easily unfolded during the Monsoon season for longer life but the durable material can sustain on rainy days too.

How to use the plastic water tank cover:

Belt of thermal jacket
Image Source: Amazon
  • This jacket needs to be wrapped around the tank and tied with given belts.
Water Tank jacket without upper cover.
Image Source: Amazon
  • It can be adjusted according to the inlet/Outlet and overflow pipes. 


Plastic roof tank cover
Image Source: Amazon
  • It’s a six-layer insulation Jacket.
  • It has two Layer UV protection.
Adjustable roof tank cover.
Image Source: Amazon
  • It can be easily installed single-handedly.
  •  It comes with a Top Cover

This roof tank cover comes within a price range of 2,400 to 2,850. It comes in three different sizes- for 500L,750L, and 1000L tanks. You can order this product on Amazon by clicking on the below link.

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