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The much-needed filter of all time

The much-needed filter of all time

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stop my hair from falling out and thinning

How to protect skin from hard water?

The availability of clean water in metropolitan cities is one of the major problems people face nowadays. They are obliged to use hard water which has led to adverse effects like skin diseases, damaged hair and can impact our health. On the other hand, inhalation of chlorine during showers leads to respiratory problems.

Hard water softner

The drinking water can be purified using RO filters but the question arises “What about the water used for cooking and shower?”


Wondering how to reduce hair fall? Well, we bring you “Riversoft’s shower and Tap filter for hard water” – a much-needed filter of all time to make hard water fit for use.

Shower filter for hard water
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Know the benefits:

Treat babies dry skin , protect your hair by removing hardness of water
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  • Protects skin.
  • Reduces hair-fall.
  • Protects hair and improves hair quality.
  • Removes odor of water.
  • Protect baby’s sensitive skin from drying.


How to install the hard water filter?

It has a ½ inch inlet and outlet for installation to showers. However, you need to contact customer care for tap installation.


filter borewell water with Tap filter
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The 15-stage filtration technology: 

Shower diy filter
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The different stages have active carbon, Vitamin C, etc. that neutralizes harmful Chlorine and sets the pH just right to smoothen skin and hair, and removes hardness of water.

You can order this hard water filter for tap and shower on amazon within the price range of 1.5k – 2k. 


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