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Sleep like a baby with Hush Plug’s Sleep Eye Mask

Sleep like a baby with Hush Plug’s Sleep Eye Mask

Eye mask for sleeping
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Do you often feel lazy or dull in the morning?

Guy yawning

That can be a sign of poor sleep. External factors like light plays a major role in disrupting our sleep. Using blackout curtains might sound good but you can’t always carry them around and they can be costly!

Eye mask is perfect solution to tackle the above situation provided you find a good quality and comfortable one. 

Sleeping in plane using eye mask
100% blackout while sleeping
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A superb fit for your eyes is here – Hush Plug Sleep & Meditation Eye Mask

Quality and sound sleep wherever you go!


Soft & Breathable eye mask for sleeping
Image source: Amazon

Soft & Breathable: The eye mask is made of low rebound memory foam and elastic polyester that is extremely soft and delicate on your skin. 

It is breathable and comfortable to wear.

Pressure Free eye mask
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Pressure Free & Great Coverage: It is well-designed with special round modular donuts inside to prevent extra pressure on eyeballs, cheekbones and face. 

It is wider and deeper providing good coverage. The edges perfectly fit your cheekbones and nose.

Eye-lashes and make-up friendly as doesn’t rub against your eyelids. 


Eye mask for nap
Image source: Amazon
Eye mask for sleeping
Image source: Amazon

100% blackout & darkness: Gives you complete darkness blocking the areas near nose to prevent any source of light.

Total blackout boosts body’s melatonin level which helps you to fall asleep quicker.


Adjustable headband of eye mask
Image source: Amazon

Adjustable headband: It has adjustable straps to fit all sizes letting you sleep in a comfortable position. 

It doesn’t mess or tangle your hair.

Easy-to-carry : Getting a good sleep while traveling is no less than a battle. Hence, improve your sleep quality anywhere anytime with this handy eye mask !

Packed in a cute little bag to carry around easily.

Easy to carry
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Paper your eyes with this premium quality eye mask and never struggle again to fall asleep. 

Have a better and deeper sleep that will keep you fresh and charged throughout the day!

You can buy the product in a price range of Rs. 900 – 1500. 

Click below to check the latest price!

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