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Seek it with seekit

Seek it with Seekit Bluetooth Tracker

Panasonic Seekit Device
Image Source: Amazon

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Trying to remember where valuable things are placed.

Are you also ‘Aamir Khan from Ghajini’ when it comes to remembering the place you put your valuables at?

Well, we have a solution to this problem. Panasonic Seekit Edge Smart Tracker – a device that will help you find lost things and protect your valuables from misplacing and stealing via Bluetooth connectivity.

Panasonic's seekit to find lost things
Image source: Amazon
Seekit to protect valuable things
Image source: Amazon

Be it your wallet or your keys, your camera or your luggage, they are all safe with this smart tracker.

How to setup this Bluetooth tracker?

Panasonic's Seekit app
Image source: Google Play store
Panasonic's Seekit app
Image source: Google Play store
Panasonic's Seekit app
Image source: Google Play store
  1. Download the “seekit” app on play store
  2. Log In
  3. Press the seekit button till it beeps
  4. Follow the instructions on the app to link the Bluetooth tracker.
  5. Modify the details on the app as per your need.
  6. Hook the device with your valuables and you are ready to keep track.


secure valuable things with bluetooth tracker
Image source: Amazon

The separation alert: As soon as your valuable disconnects you will hear a beep on your phone.

Last seen feature of Seekit
Image source: Amazon

Last seen feature: Trace last seen location of your valuables with the app.

water proof device to keep things safe
Image source: Amazon

Waterproof: No damage even if it’s raining. 

Level of alerts: Keep the notifications on silent or ringer mode as per your need. You can also activate ‘Do not disturb’ mode in libraries or ‘Pick-pocket mode’ in crowded places.

Track mobile phone with Panasonic's seekit
Image source: Amazon

The two-way device: Find valuables with your phone and your phone with the device.

Take selfies with Panasonic's seekit
Image source: Amazon

Fun element: Take selfies with the device and play games on the app.

Buy now Panasonic's seekit
Image source: Amazon

Battery life: The seekit edge has a battery life of 18 months and seekit loop has of 12 months. The batteries are irreplaceable.

Feel safe: Press the seekit button thrice and send your location easily when in danger to 3 people you know.


It provides wallet protection plan against theft and fraud and lets you protect your things in the crowd.

You can own this cool tracker device for just Rs.693/- by clicking on the below link or you can visit your very own app Amazon.


Stay tuned to explore more with us.

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