Shine up your house with Pidilite’s Rust Remover Spray

Tired of the squeaky noises of fans and doors? Or struggling to open those jammed bolts and drawers? Or Is your favorite showpiece losing shine? Lots of questions, right? But who will provide the solution?

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There are a lot of factors that contribute to deteriorating the shine of your house. Today we bring you a solution to this problem. “Pidilite’s WD-40” – a Rust Remover spray,  Lubricant spray, Stain Remover, Degreaser, Cleaning & Protecting Agent.

Rust remover spray
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The All in 1 factor of Rust Remover Spray:

Rust Remover

Lubricant Spray

No more use of hair oil to lubricate jammed doors, locks, drawers, or bolts.

How to clean gas burner?

Clean gas burner and other greasy surfaces in the kitchen and hard water residues in the bathroom with WD 40 stain remover.

Stain remover

Removes any type of stain on the floor or other surfaces.


Restores the glimmer of dirty or oxidated showpieces.

Stain remover
Bicycle lubricant

Tar remover

Removes dirt or tar from bicycles, bikes, and cars.


multipurpose WD spray
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Where to buy Pidilite's WD 40 spray?

WD 40 spray comes with a price range of Rs.100- Rs.400 depending on the quantity provided.

Order the product now from the link below:

Pidilite’s WD-40 multipurpose Lubricant

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