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Qwebar’s Cleaning Brush: Reach New Heights

Qwebar’s Cleaning Brush: Reach New Heights

It’s a tranquil Sunday morning, you are laying on your bed and suddenly you notice the white ceiling fan has literally turned black due to dust. Then your eyes fall on the dust above the bookshelf, under the table, and on the windows. 

Relaxing Sunday morning with Cleaning Brush.

You finally take the charge to clean the room. You grabbed an old cloth and started cleaning. You are finding it difficult to reach under the table and above the bookshelf. All your efforts went in vain. 

You somehow managed to bring that heavy ladder from the storeroom, you took one step after the other and suddenly the ladder shakes, you lose your balance and boom!

A man and a woman cleaning the house.

Know the Product:

Ceiling fan Duster
Image source: Amazon

Is your well-being worth risking because of mere cleaning? Definitely No! To all the people reading out this blog, maybe this home cleaner can help you to make this simple task of cleaning simpler. 

Qwebar’s Cleaning duster brush with a magical microfiber feather and extendable rod helps you live your dream where you can clean the ceiling fans of your house just by standing on the floor. It eliminates the risk of stools and ladders and helps you reach every corner.

Salient features:

Dusting Brush
Image source: Amazon

Microfiber Sleeve: The cleaning brush is made up of Chenille and Microfibre Technology which has the capability to quickly trap dust, dirt, and allergens without damaging and scratching delicate surfaces.

Flexible Cleaning brush to clean fan
Image source: Amazon

Twist at any angle: The flexible head enables you to bend it at multiple angles and you can clean anything with a single swipe.

Clean car windows with car cleaning duster
Image source: Amazon

Multipurpose: The duster has a wide range of use. It can be used to clean bookshelves, window blinds, space under the table, also can be used as a car cleaning duster.

Expandable Qweber's Cleaning brush
Image source: Amazon

Extendable handle: It gives you an exclusive feature of the extendable handle made up of high-strength plastic. It can extend from 25 to 60 inches so place it in drawers or use it to reach the fan from the floor, at your convenience.

Cleaning duster is machine washable and removable
Image source: Amazon

Machine washable: The removable microfiber is a machine washable cleaner and can be used again and again.

Home cleaner brush
Image source: Amazon

Reach every corner: The flexible cleaner can reach every corner of your house with its flexible rectangular and curved design.


You are just a few clicks away from getting this pocket-friendly product in your hands. It is exclusively available on Amazon.


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