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Power Cube: Untangle the chaos

Power Cube: Untangle the chaos

power cube with Usb port socket
Image source: Amazon

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Power strip

Power strips and messy wires!

 Have you ever come across a situation where you didn’t realize you are sitting between sockets and wires? How do you feel when you see those plugs fighting for their space in extension boards? Sounds messy, right?

The Brainchild

Power cube
Image Source: Power Cube

This same problem was faced by two creative brains Yixia and Arthur and they came up with an amazing solution named “The Power Cube”. But this cube is different from what we studied when we were in school. A compact yet beautiful cube that can bring peace to your daily life. It is designed in such a way that it solves the problem of space which we usually see in traditional extension boards and you can organize wires on the desk in seconds. The cube comes with four power sockets each with a safety gate and two USB ports which enables you to connect multiple devices without creating a mess of wires.


Here’s everything you need to know about this exquisitely designed product:

Power cube USB ports
Image source: Amazon

Power where required: Ever imagined a power socket inside your table? Well, there’s no way to say “NO” because it provides you with this salient feature wherein you can mount it anywhere.

Multiport power socket
Image source: Amazon

Dual USB ports: The dual USB power socket enables you to charge your multiple devices at the same time.

Cord: The cube can be connected to the main power supply with the help of attached cord which is of amply decent length.

Power cube untangle wires
Image source: Amazon

Stackable system: Combine them as per your requirement but remember don’t overload it by plugging in multiple appliances. The current rating should not exceed 2500 watts.

Untangle mess of wires with power cube
Image source: Powercubes

Unique Mount system: Its unique mount system enables you to mount it anywhere in just a few steps. Remove – stick – twist – lock and it’s done.



Pondering about where you can find this pocket-friendly multiport power socket? You can easily find it on Amazon under the name “Allocacoc 6804/INEUPC Multiport Power Socket”.


All your tangled wire worries will now be taken care of by this tiny wonder. Take a step towards a less messy life. Say NO to tangled wires!

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