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Meet the cool glasses!

Meet the cool glasses!

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Prism Glasses
Image Source: Amazon

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Read while lying in bed
Image Source: Amazon

Which words pop up in your mind when you see the above picture – funky, cool, funny? Or is it giving you the same feeling of how your neighbor keeps a watch on you?

Well, give a break to your imagination because we are going to reveal what this product is all about.

Get relief from neck pain using bed prism glasses
Image Source: Amazon

“Bed Prism glasses” – cool glasses for lazy people to make them lazier!

glasses for lazy people
Image Source: Amazon

Well, jokes apart, these unique and cool glasses enable you to watch TV, use laptops, mobile phones, computers, and read books

while lying on the bed.

The high-definition optical glass prism helps to change the sight perspectives of the wearer.

By taking advantage of optics principles and employing the reflecting prisms that are made of high-qualified optical materials, the glasses let you operate mobile phones or read books even if you are not holding them at an angle suitable for normal eyes. The below pictures will give you a better understanding.


Prevent cervical spondylosis with cool glasses
Image Source: Amazon
  • Reduces eye strain and eye fatigue.
  • Glasses to protect eyes from computer screens, laptops, mobile phones, and other digital devices.
Prevent eye strain , eye fatigue from digital devices
Image Source: Amazon
  • Wear over your spectacles 
Protect eyes from TV,laptop,mobile phones
Image Source: Amazon
  • Helpful for people having cervical spondylosis or neck pain.
  • Gives relief to your shoulders.
  • Strong and durable
funny glasses
Image Source: Amazon
  • Use it at home or while traveling

Wondering about its price? You can own these lazy readers glasses for just Rs.449/-


The product is available on Amazon or you can click the below link as well.


Stay Tuned to explore more.

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