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Multidevice wireless keyboard for hassle-free working

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Logitech’s wireless keyboard

logitech keyboard
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As the name suggests it is a wireless portable keyboard that can be paired up with 3 devices at a time over Bluetooth. If the keys of your keyboard have stopped working then Logitech’s Keyboard will be a great replacement for the original one. There are two versions available on Amazon – K480 and K380.

Let’s get into the details of this exclusive bluetooth keyboard.

Striking features of Logitech's Keyboard :

logitech's wireless bluetoothkeyboard connect with multiple devices
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Type on any device: Pair it up with a smartphone, a tablet, and a PC. Type on any device just by switching the dial.

Compatibility: The Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with 3 versions of Windows -7,8,10. Also, with Mac OS, android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad.

keyboard for smartphones, tablet and PCs
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wireless keyboard features - switch dial
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Switch Dial: The switch dial enables you to switch typing among the connected devices just by rotating it.

Integrated Cradle: The integrated cradle is particularly designed to be used as a tablet and smartphone holder so that you can see properly what you are typing.

type on smartphones and tablets when touch screen is not working
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Round keys keyboard
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Convenient Design: Logitech’s keyboard offers rounded keys unlike square keys in standard keyboards which are comfortable to use. It has a key setup for both Windows and Mac which enables you to use shortcut keys.

Battery life: It has a battery life of 2 years, so no worries to change batteries frequently.


Easy to carry Bluetooth keyboard on the go
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Bluetooth Keyboard:

It supports Bluetooth connectivity

Old v/s New:

The newer version has three separate buttons rather than a switch dial. You can switch typing among the three devices just with a tap.

The newer version of this wireless keyboard doesn’t have the integrated cradle.

Logitech k380 wireless keyboard
Image source: Amazon
k380 v/s k480
Image source: Amazon

Point to note:

Logitech’s wireless keyboard works on Bluetooth 3.0 classic and higher versions. However, it doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity of devices having version 2.0.


keyboard that can switch between computer and other devices
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Price range of Logitech's portable keyboard:

The wireless keyboard comes within a price range of 2.5k to 3.5k depending on the version, you will buy.

Buy now

Where to buy this wireless keyboard?

You can easily find this portable keyboard on Amazon. Here’s the link for the same:

Logitech’s Wireless keyboard

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