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Wire Clips Cable Protector: No more messy desks.

Wire Clips Cable Protector: No more messy desks.

Multipurpose wire clip protector
Image source: Amazon

Welcome to Buy2simplify.

Today we are going to talk about “Wire Cable Protector clips” in simpler language “cable clips for wire management”. Yes, cables can also have clips!

protect cables from damage with wire clip cable protector
Image source: Amazon

What’s the need of this wire holder?

In order to organize the messy desks covered with chargers, USB cables, earphones, and other wires this is a must-buy product.

organize mess of wires

About the product:

untangle mess of wires with wire clips
Image source: Amazon
  • Helps in organizing cords, USB cables, wired earphones, and other network cables.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Eco-friendly.
Protect wire with wire holder
Image source: Amazon
  • One-time use.
  •  Available in a pack of 10 with 5 different slot designs.
stick wire holder to wall
Image source: Amazon
  • Can be used as a to hold wires, pen holder, a tooth-brush holder as well.
  • Arrange TV wires and organize messy office desks
wire holder for wall and table
Image source: Amazon
  • Can be used at homes to organize cables as well as in industries.
  •  Doesn’t leave any residue after removal.

How to Use:

organize cables at home
Image source: Amazon
  1. Peel the wire clip’s cover.
  2. Stick on a smooth, dry and clean surface.
  3. Tighten the guard.


  • Don’t paste it on a rough, wet surface.
  • Don’t tear it down and paste again.
  • Don’t use it in places having a temperature of more than 40℃.

These useful tiny cable management clips are available on Amazon for just Rs.299/-

You can order it now with the help of the link below.

Stay Tuned.

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