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HeatoMate: The powerless food heater

HeatoMate: The portable food heater

Powerless food heater on the go
Image Source: Amazon

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The powerless food heater

heat food without power

Have you ever felt the need for a device that can heat your food when you are traveling, camping, or on a road trip? To be more precise a powerless heater to heat food ANYWHERE?

The innovative idea:

Powerless food heater on the go
Image source: Amazon

Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore because today we bring you an innovative food heater, “HeatoMate”- A mate for your food. A must-buy product and a brainchild of a startup in IIT-Delhi. It’s a small yet miraculous bag to heat your food on the go.

About :

powerless food heater
Image source: Amazon
  • Ideal for traveling, Road trips, trekking and camping.
  • Temperature: 60-70 Degree Celsius.
Image source: Amazon
  • It is made up of plastic which is 100% recyclable.
  • Available in a pack of 3.
  • one-time use.
Powerless instant food heater
Image source: Amazon

How to use:

instant food heater for travel
Image source: Amazon

1) Keep your pre-cooked food in a poly-bag. Tear the bag and place your food inside it.

get instant hot food outside
Image source: Amazon

2) Pour some water in it as the level indicated. Place it on a flat surface and wait for 10 minutes.


Heat food in emergency
Image source: Amazon

3) Enjoy your scrumptious food.

Order this flameless food heater on Amazon to heat meals on the go for just Rs. 149/- 


Stay Tuned.

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