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Does a Radiation Free Phone Exist?

Does a Radiation Free Phone Exist?

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Radiation free phone
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In today’s world can a radiation-free phone exist?

What's the need for a Handset receiver for Mobile Phones?

person talking on smart phone is prone to radiation

Smartphones are a boon to us but it has its side effects as well. According to studies, a smartphone is responsible for 50 percent or more of your excessive exposure to EMF radiation.

In short, people carry a mini cell tower in their pockets i.e. their smartphones which is very harmful. We can reduce our exposure to such radiations. But how?

Well, we have the solution to reduce cell phone radiations. Remember those times when there were no smartphones and we used to talk with retro telephonic handsets? 

The ’90s when desk phones used to rule the world!

Anti radiation handset receiver for mobile phones
Handset to connect with mobile phones
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Do you want to live again in that radiation-free world?

Welcome to Buy2simplify – Today our page will introduce you to this radiation-free Handset receiver for mobile phones!

“Pora's Coco Phone Radiation Free Phone”

Reduce mobile radiation with hand receiver for mobile phones
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 A funky handset receiver for mobile phones to avoid harmful radiation. It enables you to maintain a distance from your smartphone and you can comfortably talk for hours without worrying about mobile radiations.

About the Product:

Volume control button and other striking features
Image Source: Amazon
  • Volume Control Button
  • Answer – hang-up button.
  • Receiver- Microphone
  • Connecting plug.


Handset receiver for mobile phones in different range of colors
Image Source: Amazon
  • Available in different colors.
  • Works with Smartphones, tablets, Skype calls or any other video chat.
Skype calls with coco phone
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Curious to know its price?

Guess what, it’s available on Amazon for just Rs.449/-

Then for whom you are waiting for? Order it now by clicking on the link below.


Stay Tuned.

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