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Enjoy Ice Making with AB Ice Cube tray

Enjoy Ice Making with AB Ice Cube tray

It’s a hot summer afternoon and you are heading towards your love. You must be thinking ‘who’, right?

Well, I was talking about the refrigerator- our 2 a.m. companion.

Hot summer

You opened it and there you see those perfect alluring ice cubes to add to your drink in order to quench your thirst.

But stop! Are your ice cubes still stuck in those cold, non-foldable plastic ice trays which shatter your ice cubes in pieces? And how many of you still have a fear to break that ice tray again? Well, many of us.

Solution to remove ice cube from plastic trays

AB Ice Cube Tray

Life is good but it can be better

But have you ever imagined an ice cube tray that has a flexible, stretchable, and strong body? If not, then have a look at “AB Ice Cube Tray” and order it for your family, friends, and of, course yourself to avoid all the hassle.

Trendy Ice Trays

Multipurpose: Make a slew of ice cubes from a plethora of drinks like coffee, Pepsi, wine. Add flavors to your drinks by freezing strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, grape juices. Make perfect-shaped chocolates from these chocolate moulds.

Glass filled with ice cubes
Image source: Amazon
Enjoy flavored drinks with ice cubes
Image source: Amazon

Safe and Odorless:  The non-toxic silicone moulds will never leave any odor. 

Features of Silicone Moulds

easy to use ice cube trays easy to use ice cube trays
Image source: Amazon

Easy to use: You can easily twist these flexible ice cube tray to pop-out ice cubes. Pull from 4 corners and 4 edges and push a little from the back and you will get 15 beautiful and perfect cubes.

Pack of 3 ice cube trays
Image source: Amazon

Detachable lid: The detachable lid prevents over-cooling, evaporation, leakage, and contamination of liquids.

Ice cube trays
Image source: Amazon

Pack of 3: The silicone ice trays come in a pack of 3 has 15 cubes in each tray.

Colour: These chocolate moulds come in three different colours as per stock.


solution for stuck ice in tray
Image source: Amazon

Material: The silicone moulds are made up of high-quality silicone.


Points to Remember:

multipurpose chocolate silicone molds
Image source: Amazon
  • Wash these silicone ice trays with your hands and warm soapy water after the first use and wait for it to dry thoroughly.
  • It is a microwave, oven safe between the temperature -40 to 250 degree Celsius. But do not use it for over 8 minutes.
  • Do not fill up the cells fully. Leave at least 2mm of space.

Where to buy Silicone ice Trays?

These trendy silicone moulds are easily available on amazon between the price range of 500 to 600 Rs. Click on the below link to place an order.


We hope today’s product will help to save some plastic trays from breaking into your hands and also reduce your hardships.


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