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Drink safe water anywhere with portable water filter!

Drink safe water anywhere with portable water filter!

Portable water filter bottle
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Are you a wanderlust? Do you love to travel and go on treks? Well, many of us love to travel, go on treks, do camping with friends.

Travelling boy

When we talk about traveling, what are the first two necessary things that come to your mind that you must carry with you? Well, for me, it is food and a water bottle.

We can easily buy them from a nearby store If we are not carrying them with us. But what if we are at a place where these resources are not accessible?

How to get safe drinking water when camping
empty water bottle

To sound more precise, if you are camping, trekking, or exploring a remote inhabitant place and all you are left with an empty water bottle!

You must be thinking why can’t we carry more water bottles with us?

But how many 2? 3? Or maximum 4?

heavy water bottles
Clean water source

What after that? Search for a clean water source which is like finding a needle in the haystack!

You may be surrounded by a pond, a stream, or a lake. The problem here is not water but the problem is ‘safe drinking water.

how to purify water while travelling

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Portable water filter bottle
Image Source: Amazon

Therefore, to save your time and reduce your hassles, today we bring you “Lifestraw Go Personal Water Purifier Bottle” – a handy and portable water filter that enables you to drink clean and safe water from anywhere – a nearby pond, stream, or lake while you are away from your home.

Features of filter water bottle:

filter water when traveling.
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  • Lifestraw filter water bottle is ideal for trekking, traveling, camping and outdoor sports.



get clean water on the go
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  • It filters up to 1000 litres of water
  • Water purifier bottle is made up of high-quality and durable material.
  • It makes water 99.9 % safe.
innovative filter water for travelling
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How Does it Work?

Lifestraw Plastic Personal Water Bottle Filter has integrated 2-stage filters:

Stage 1: Lifestraw personal water filter uses the advanced hollow fiber membrane technology that removes all the waterborne bacteria, Parasites or microplastics.


Stage 2: The activated carbon capsule improves the taste of water by reducing chlorine.

chlorine free innovative water bottle filter
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How to use:

Step 1: Fill the bottle with a nearby source of water.

Step 2: Close the lid.

Step 3: Wait for 10 secs.

Step 4: Drink it without any worry.

Step 5: Take out the straw and blowback to flush the filter membranes.

Let’s jump to the second part of this blog. Here we will be introducing you to a ‘savior’.

Water Purifier Straw

If unfortunately, your area is dealing with a natural calamity or floods and your loved ones are in the same situation “Lifestraw Personal Water Filter” can be a boon to you or people like you in other parts of the world.

lifestraw filter straw
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What's Different?

The water purifier straw can be inserted directly into the water from one end and you can drink the clean water from the other end. There’s no need to carry heavy water bottles with you always.

You can directly drink clean water from a nearby pond, stream, or any other source if you are traveling or stuck in an unfortunate situation.

water purifier for disaster relief
Image Source: Amazon

It works on the same technology as the Lifestraw water bottle and has been used by a large number of  NGOs and humanitarian organizations in times of natural disasters and floods.

life survival water purification kit
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Both products are available on Amazon within the price range of 1k to 2k.

The links for the same are provided below.


Lifestraw water purifier straw: Price – 1290/-

Lifestraw portable water filter bottle: Price – 1999/-


Stay tuned to explore more with us.

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