The anywhere aluminium ladder

Home Buy’s Telescopic Ladder – an aluminium ladder that can be stored easily and carried anywhere while traveling or shifting. The ladder can be folded with a strap and is durable. It is easily available within your reach on Amazon. Get into the details of this multipurpose step ladder here and discover its exclusive features. It suits to your pocket also with its affordable price.

Wallet Ninja: Can Opener, Mobile stand, All-in-one toolkit

Wallet Ninja is a multipurpose tool that can work as a can opener, screwdriver for eyeglasses, a mobile stand, a box cutter, and many more. The shape and size of the tool give it the upper hand over other toolboxes and toolkits. There’s no need to carry a heavy toolbox, this tiny pocket-sized card perfectly fits in the wallet and can be carried easily on flights too.

One tool – Multiple wrenches!

Every time if there’s anything you need to fix like taps or valves, you got to have spanners of all sizes and shapes. But with Snap N Grip, this task is easier. With this adjustable spanner, you can fit any nut and valve without looking for a plumber and perfect-sized wrench. There’s no need to carry heavy toolbox too, these two Snap N Grip adjustable spanners are enough for any type of work. Have a look at its exclusive features!

Anti-Skid Tape: No more accidental falls

Marble floors or slippery stairs in homes can lead to many accidents if not taken care of. Avoid accidental falls on staircases, bathroom floors, or wet surfaces in the rainy season with Anti-skid Grip tape. Stick easy-to-use non-slip grip tape on stairs or any slippery surfaces. This durable adhesive anti-slip tape can withstand any weather condition and is a pocket-friendly product.

Stay safe with Hygienic Hand Tool

The contactless safety key is a must-buy product especially in this unfortunate situation of pandemic. These safety keys help you to avoid unnecessary touches in public places and even in home. It can be used to open doors, windows, to press buttons in lifts and switch, it can be very useful while withdrawing money from ATM machines. It is readily available on Amazon at affordable prices.

The stylish remote holder

How many times it happened to you that you wasted minutes searching for a remote. Give your remote a defined place at home and enhance your architecturally designed beautiful house with the stylish remote stand. Now, don’t waste precious time of yours in searching for remotes of TVs or ACs. Buy this amazingly designed pocket-friendly remote holder on Amazon.

Double sided adhesive tapes: Hang without hassle

Double sided adhesive tapes – a convenient and useful transparent tape that can stick both ways. Blessing for people who love to decorate walls and good with craft-work. No risk of damaging the walls and paint of the house. Fix anything on the walls from mobile phones to keychains. Its durable, high-quality can hold items up to 1kg and its exclusive feature of reusability makes it unique.

The Charger of your dreams!

Forget your worries with Armilo’s magnetic charging cable – a charger everyone dreamed of. The magnetic charging cable is a great replacement for every type of charging cable. There’s no risk of damage and no need to struggle between type C and Type B anymore. The all-in-one solution for charging mobile phones. It’s compatible even with iPhones and Micro USB. Buy it now on Amazon!