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Enjoy Ice Making with AB Ice Cube tray

Enjoy and refresh yourself by adding alluring ice cubes of different flavors to your drinks. Replace the old breakable plastic Ice cube trays with the trendy flexible Silicone Ice cube molds. AB’s Ice cube tray is a multipurpose tray to make perfect-sized ice cubes that can be twisted according to your wish without any risk of breaking. Look into the details of this product here!

Shine up your house with Pidilite’s Rust Remover Spray

Pidilite’s WD-40 is a multipurpose spray that can be used as a lubricant for jammed doors, drawers, and a stain remover in kitchens and bathrooms. It helps restore the shine of any showpiece and removes tar from bikes and bicycles. This spray can be used as a rust remover and cleaning agent to clean gas burners and other greasy surfaces. Buy this pocket-friendly multipurpose spray now!

Twin Draft Door Stopper

Twin Draft Door stopper to keep dust, pests, cold wind in winters, and hot wind in summers from entering the house through the door gap. It helps in saving electricity and is easy to install. It can be used to place beneath the windows too. It keeps all creepy pests away from entering through the kitchen door. The product comes at an affordable price. Here’re the details.

All in one kit : Rust Remover to Fevikwik for fixing items!

Pidilite’s Multipurpose Home kit to affix broken items in home and polish tarnished metallic things. It’s a multipurpose basic and essential home kit containing a rust remover, Fewikwik, Fevicol Shoe fix, and M-seal Phataphat. This low-cost home kit is a must-buy product to save yourself from an eleventh-hour emergency. Fix items in seconds and restore the shine of your favorite showpieces with this kit.

Bliss Thermal plastic water tank cover

Save your skin from the damages of extremely hot and cold waters during summers and winters. Cover the water tank on the roof with ‘Bliss Thermal Jacket for Roof Tanks’ and make water temperature normal. The thermal cover is durable and can be used during monsoons without wearing off. It is easily available on Amazon at an affordable price and has exclusive features. Check it out here!

Cleaning – Not “your” task anymore!

Clean your house now with ease and comfort with Robo Vacuum Cleaner – a smart and innovative vacuum cleaner for home. Clean your house while working or resting, just by switching on the device. The self-charging, quiet cleaning and other striking features of the vacuum cleaner makes it stand out from all other products in the market. Grab this must-buy product easily on Amazon.

The much-needed filter of all time

Searching for a filter to make hard water soft? Riversoft’s Hard water filter for shower and tap is the perfect solution to this problem. The filter protects skin, reduces hair-fall and improves quality of hair. Easy to install hard water filter that removes odour of the water. It protects from the adverse effects of hard water, prevents skin diseases and is easily available on Amazon.

Cook like a pro with VR smart plastic measuring cup and spoon set

Cook like a pro with Measuring cups and spoons. Measuring cups and spoons is a must-buy product that makes cooking easy and helps you to add spices and water in exact amount while cooking. It is ideal for following recipes and baking. The product is easily stackable and washable. Buy it now on Amazon at an affordable price.

Qwebar’s Cleaning Brush: Reach New Heights

Qwebar’s Cleaning Brush is a much-needed cleaner for home cleaning. It simplifies the tedious task of cleaning the fans, bookshelves, or any other unreachable places of the house very easily. It can be used as a cleaning duster for cars and windows. It has an extendable rod which enables to clean every corner of the house and is machine-washable. The high quality of the brush gives it a long life. It is easily available on Amazon within a low price range.