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Does a Radiation Free Phone Exist?

Do you know how harmful the radiation emitting from mobile phones is? But don’t worry we got you covered, have a look at the fancy-looking yet useful handset receiver for mobile phones. The handset receiver has a retro look of the phones used in the 90s and most importantly it saves you from harmful radiations emitted from the mobile phones. Check out our blog and know the exclusive features of the product.

Meet the cool glasses!

The Bed Prism Glasses are specifically designed for lazy people for their comfort. The cool glasses enable you to read books or operate electronic devices with comfort, also reduces eye fatigue and neck problems. The prism glasses are designed in a way that reading can be done while laying down. The strong and durable funky reader glasses can be worn over spectacles and is easily available on Amazon at an affordable price.

Hanging Neck Fan: Makes you Cool!

Hanging Neck fan – a personal fan that can be carried anywhere just by hanging it around the neck. It has a wide range of use, it can be used while working in kitchens, during Gym workout, also while walking or jogging. The high- quality plastic makes it durable. It comes with exclusive features of adjustable speed, long – hours of working and a rotative head. The product is available on Amazon.