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power strip wire bin

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organize mess of wires
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Introducing the Cable Organizer

Today, we bring you a product that is a paragon of neatness and can hide messy wires around your desktops, TVs, etc. “Tidy Up’s Wire Bin”, a power cable management box nattily designed to help you organize the computer cables, wires and tidy the space.

Features of Cable Management Box

  • Portable.
  • Designed to enclose chargers, USB cables, AC adapters, power strips (max-4 sockets), etc. 
  • Light-weighted.
  • Insulated cover of ABS material keeps your children and pets safe.
  • Choose the color according to your interiors.
cable organizer box
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power strip wire bin
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Cable management box
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Limitations of Wire Bin:


This extension wire box is Incompatible with MacBook and OnePlus Chargers. However, it works for the new version of Apple products with ‘Type C’ ports.


Type c chargers

This wire manager box can be a boon for YouTubers or anyone who wants to showcase their setup.

Youtubers showcasing their setup

Where to buy the Cable Organizer box?

Wondering, where to buy this cable organizer box?

You can buy this cable management box for just Rs.599. on Amazon. Explore this product with the help of the link below:

cable organizer box

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