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Release the daily stress with a rechargeable massager at home!

Body & head massager - Release the daily stress at home!

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Modern lifestyle and work schedules have introduced stress and pain into our daily lives limiting relaxation time.

Head and stress cross roads

Most of the time we don’t even acknowledge the daily stress and body pain, right?

Remember, the stress and constant body ache can get worse if you are ignorant of it! Probably its effect will start reflecting at your workplace or in personal life as frustration and anger!

Shoulder pain
Office stress
Head pain
Rechargeable head massager
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Here is a fantastic product to release all the stress and pain– Lifelong Head, Scalp, and Full Body Massager!

Make your day with a great massage session. Just switch on the full body massager machine and relax like never before…

One button, Multiple Controls

One button scalp massager
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One button will execute all the tasks – ON/OFF, controlling mode, and intensity of the massager.

It has 4 different speed modules depending on your desired body part and how much pressure you want to apply.


Deep Scalp Massager
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Deep Scalp Massager:

  • Increases blood circulation
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Releases stress & aches
  • Doesn’t tangle your hair
  • Provides complete relaxation

It works wonders and stimulates blood circulation in the shoulders, back, and calf muscles.

Gentle massager for skin
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Gentle on skin:

The massager’s heads are made of food-grade silica gel that is hair and skin-friendly. 

Waterproof and removable nodes having 360-degree rotation.

The nodes feel like four tiny hands massaging your head.

Cordless & Rechargeable massager
Image Source: Amazon

Cordless & Rechargeable:

The device is cordless which means you don’t have to worry about a troublesome wire hampering your relaxation time. 

Rechargeable, lightweight & cute design.

1 year + additional 6 months warranty.

Don’t use while the device is charging!

Portable full body pain relief massager
Image Source: Amazon

Easy to use & portable:

Releasing stress and reducing pain can now happen on the go with this portable body & head massager!

Compact design and easy to hold while massaging.



After a long and tiring workday, pamper yourself with a full body massage and observe the pain leaving your mind & body!

Couple your relaxation session with a cup of coffee, books, or a soothing song!

Relaxing time

You can buy the Lifelong massager in a price range of Rs. 1500 – 3500.

Click below to check the latest price!

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