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Silicon ice cube trays

Enjoy and refresh yourself by adding alluring ice cubes of different flavors to your drinks. Replace the old breakable plastic Ice cube trays with the trendy flexible Silicone Ice cube molds. AB’s Ice cube tray is a multipurpose tray to make perfect-sized ice cubes that can be twisted according to your wish without any risk of breaking. Look into the details of this product here!

Rust remover spray wd-40

Pidilite’s WD-40 is a multipurpose spray that can be used as a lubricant for jammed doors, drawers, and a stain remover in kitchens and bathrooms. It helps restore the shine of any showpiece and removes tar from bikes and bicycles. This spray can be used as a rust remover and cleaning agent to clean gas burners and other greasy surfaces. Buy this pocket-friendly multipurpose spray now!

Dymo label and barcode printer

Refrain yourself from the tedious task of label making with pen and paper. Customize the labels as per need and choose the colour. Connect your DYMO connect app on your smart phones with the DYMO Barcode printer via Bluetooth. Print labels, barcodes by adding borders or any font style. The handy label printer is easily available on Amazon. Look into the details of the product here!

keyboard for smartphones, tablet and PCs

Logitech’s multi-device wireless keyboard – as the name suggests, is a wireless portable keyboard that can be connected to up to 3 devices at a time whether it’s a phone, tablet, or computer. It’s a great replacement if the original keyboard has stopped working. It has some unique features that make it a must-buy product on our list. Check out the details of this keyboard here!

Lifestraw bottle

Lifestraw personal and portable water purifier for travel enthusiasts. Enjoy the adventure and traveling without worrying about safe drinking water. Just fill the Lifestraw personal water purifier bottle with any nearby water resource like ponds, lake or streams or just drink it directly with the Lifestraw Water purifier straw. This innovation has brought miracles in unfortunate situations like floods and other natural disasters. Highly recommended by humanitarian Organizations and NGOs. Check this exclusive product now!

Gadget organizer bag

Electronic Accessories bag to store all the cables, pen drives, hard disks, earphones, and other gadgets. No more worries about losing a cable and damaging of wires with this amazing spacious Gadget Organizer. Carry it while travelling or in office. It is available at an affordable price and can be ordered with few clicks. Stay organized with the Gadget organizer.

Radiation free phone

Do you know how harmful the radiation emitting from mobile phones is? But don’t worry we got you covered, have a look at the fancy-looking yet useful handset receiver for mobile phones. The handset receiver has a retro look of the phones used in the 90s and most importantly it saves you from harmful radiations emitted from the mobile phones. Check out our blog and know the exclusive features of the product.

Prism Glasses

The Bed Prism Glasses are specifically designed for lazy people for their comfort. The cool glasses enable you to read books or operate electronic devices with comfort, also reduces eye fatigue and neck problems. The prism glasses are designed in a way that reading can be done while laying down. The strong and durable funky reader glasses can be worn over spectacles and is easily available on Amazon at an affordable price.

Eye mask for sleeping

Is your sleep disrupted due to external factors like light? Inadequate sleep can lead to laziness and dullness the next day! You can get rich and sound sleep using a Hush Plug’s sleep eye mask. It provides great coverage with zero eye cavities blocking any source of light reaching you. Soft, breathable, and makeup-friendly material makes it an essential product. Sleep comfortably anywhere anytime!

Foldable ladder

Multipurpose supper ladder to reach every corner of the house. This portable aluminium ladder can be carried easily anywhere and require very less space for storage. Use if to paint with someone or fix the rooftop of your house without any fear to fall or slip from the ladder due to its anti-slip pads. Buy this phenomenal ladder easily on Amazon.